Welcome to VND Motorsports.

We’re a full service automotive shop in Surrey, British Columbia. We perform warranty-approved maintenance on all vehicles and specialize in import turning.

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Welcome to VND Motorsports.

We’re a full service automotive shop in Surrey, British Columbia. We perform warranty-approved maintenance on all vehicles and specialize in import turning.

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Whether your vehicle needs general maintenance like an oil change, repairs, or you’re looking to build something that will chew up the road, track or trail; VND Motorsport is Surrey’s best auto repair, import tuning, and custom automotive shop!

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As 2023 draws to a close, so too does VND Motorsport.

When we first opened our doors in 2010, many of you from the VW world followed Shawn van Neer here. With years of experience, a reputation of solving the impossible and word of mouth referrals, our client base grew.  Most people who met Shawn over the years knew how enthusiastic he was for all things automotive and while your first conversations at VND with him were of servicing/learning about your vehicle or turning your ride into something more…fun, the conversations often expanded beyond the vehicle and so many of you became good friends. Some of you have become family.

Shawn always enjoyed good conversation and had a knack for making instant connections with people. Sitting behind my desk over the years, I witnessed this magic happening daily. As nervous first time customers walked in-so many with stories of horrific experiences from other shops, Shawn would take the time to explain what our team would do and reassure them that they were in good hands with us. Frequently it was never just the car that he fixed-he restored trust and along the way he was known to have repaired the odd lost soul too.

Shawn had a love for the great outdoors and found yet another mechanical avenue to explore…the 4X4 world. The  back roads of BC became the playground where his soul was recharged after long hours at the shop. Over the years he built a series of off road vehicles and it wasn’t long before his enthusiasm and excitement spilled over to his customers. Soon more people wanted their trucks/Jeeps built up to take on these mighty dirt roads too! Out of all this was born his inner circle, the group that affectionately became known as “The TRIBE”. Like a hungry wolf pack on the prowl they traveled together always watching out for each other and when the inevitable off road mishaps took place, the Tribe worked together like a machine to get themselves, as well as other stranded travellers out of trouble. It was a sight to behold and one I personally witnessed on more than one occasion. Many hours were spent researching new roads to view the endless beauty this province has to offer.

When the pandemic came we had no idea how our little shop would be affected. It was terrifying. Many businesses didn’t make it. We were so fortunate to have been able to keep our doors open through it all.  Your trust, your patronage, your stories your laughter, your tears, were the grease that kept us moving through that nightmare and saw us through into the brighter days.

Behind the scenes Shawn was on a cancer journey and succumbed to it last month. His love for his family drove his soul, it clearly shines through our children and continues to guide me through these difficult days.  I also firmly believe it was you, the VND Motorsport community, our faithful techs and The Tribe, that helped make the days meaningful and carry him through that ever challenging journey.

While we are busy finishing up loose ends at the shop over the next weeks, the time has come for VND Motorsport to close its doors forever.  I would like to personally thank our clients, all of you who have supported this company for almost 14 years. It has been more than a pleasure serving you…keep exploring new roads and don’t forget to check your oil!


Thank you all
with gratitude,

Trish van Neer